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Maximizing your lending interest in Bitfinex.

Belend intelligence lending Bot is the best tool for Bitfinex lending.

We provides 24-hour automated lending service and multiple strategies to optimize the lending rate.

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Belend management teams consisting of senior experts from the financing and technology domain. We committed to creating value in crypto asset management. We believe crypto assets and blockchain technology will bring high returns to our investors

Simple Dashboard

Friendly designed dashboard view for your portfolio.



Multiple strategies parameters for professional investors to refinement lending offerings.


Passive Income

Increase your passive income every day. The more you borrow, the more you earn.


24h Automatic Lending

Earning passive income even when you are sleeping.

Try it now and get involved in high-growth opportunities

Create value for your idle funds, enjoy high-interest in margin offering now.

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*Investors vary over time approach, will have a different investment performance Past performance does not represent a guarantee of future performance of.


Why were the margin offering can generate a profit?

Because the borrowers mostly are professional traders who perform leverage trading while Bitfinex Exchange supports up to 3.3 leverage trade. Because Bitfinex is the world's leading exchanges with high liquidity, so there are a large number of short and medium-term borrowing needs. In addition, borrowers can only be the main currency to buy and sell on Bitfinex Exchange after the loan funds, supplemented by liquidation mechanism to improve the safety of lenders margin.

What are the risks for offering funding?

The main risk is unforeseen black swan events happened and causing slippery prices, being hacked, etc. You can refer more details here for Bitfinex Official Statement. Bitfinex is currently the world's leading exchanges, has been on-line operation for up to seven years, experienced hackers stealing money during the two events but still grow and prosper, and overpaying for users of funds, the exchange is relatively reliable and continues growing comparing to others.

How can Belend help me?

Belend lending bot helps users continued offering their funds without interruption. Bitfinex will settlement the interest every day on 1:30 (UTC). You can now have day compound interest by using Belend lending bot on Bitfinex. In addition, every time the offering create by Belend is close to the best market rate, that helps to maximize your earning.

Is Belend safe?

Belend only requires limited user privileges API. Belend does not require operating authority API (such as withdraw, deposit, etc.) to ensure the safety of funds of independence.

How can I join Belend?

Click the link below and just take a survey form.Take a survey

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